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Please read the Disclaimer below. Once you click the "I Agree" button you will be brought into the Pension Estimator. You will need to indicate agreement at the beginning of each new session.


The data, information or results contained in, furnished by or obtained from the use of the Pension Estimator is for the general guide of members with respect to pension scheme benefits. No responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of the Health Services Executive for any errors, omissions, or misleading statements obtained through the use of the Pension Estimator. The data, information or results obtained through the use of the Pension Estimator have no legal standing and, in particular, are not suitable for use in family law cases. The legislation, policies, and terms applicable to your pension scheme will govern any entitlements to pension scheme benefits. The calculation provided by the Pension Estimator is based on the information provided by you. In the event of any error in this estimate, the legal requirements of the scheme rules will govern. At the time of retirement or should you require information for official purposes you should contact the relevant Superannuation department.  

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